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Why Choose Us?

At Apollo Colours Ltd we pride ourselves on exceptional quality, phenomenal products and fast service. As a family printing ink company, we have stood the test of time, supplying the plastic card industry for over 40 years. As a world leader in the development of innovative, specialty ink solutions for the plastic card industry, we produce inks that have some of the highest lamination bond strengths in the card market. This is one of the fundamental requirements of the card industry. Apollo produces inks that enable our customers to produce an extraordinary card.

Our world class ink chemists explore every aspect whilst formulating our products for the plastic card industry. They provide our customers with innovative and unique products that set themselves apart from their competition. Apollo has the advantage of being specialized in both screen and offset inks for the production of card and security products, this has meant our family company is recognised by major financial and government institutions around the globe. 

Over the last 40 years we have always delivered revolutionary, speciality ink solutions, and to this day we ensure we adapt to the newest trends and we continue providing substantial support to our clients by creating the highest quality products and services.

Every Research and Development project is undertaken with a clear understanding of the specification and timescales required to ensure projects run as efficiently as possible. We are continuously working with our customers to ensure that we accomplish our ultimate goal of exceeding all their expectations. This ensures we constantly improve our portfolio by formulating market leading products for all aspects of printing laminable cards.

We can meet all your colour, lamination and security requirements with our products. We are committed to setting your printshop up for success. Please contact us to discuss your needs, and together we can explore the endless possibilities of the printing industry.

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Apollo Colours Ltd are members of the following organisations: 

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