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Credit Card & Security
Screen and Litho Inks
Apollo Colours produce a vast range of inks for the manufacture of Credit, Bank and membership Cards as well as associated security and special effect inks.

In Screen Inks these include :-

A wide variety of solvent and water based Laminating Screen Inks.

A large range of Metallic Inks including VISA, MasterCard and American Express approved Metallics.

Pearl Effect shades.

Super Lam UV Screen and High Bond Screen Inks.

Various varnishes including solvent, water based for PVC, Press Polishing Varnishes and specialist varnishes for Polyester.

Signature Panel inks, both post and Pre- Lamination, opaque, transparent and high security versions which exhibit tamper evidence colour change.

UV Sensitive Inks, these UV fluorescing inks cover a wide spectrum from red to violet.

Interference Varnishes, these semi transparent varnishes change the optical properties of inks it overprints.

Dazzle / Sparkle / Holo Glitter and Optichromic SH inks. Contact us for information on these colourful ranges.

Photochromic inks, which change from virtually invisible to colour in the presence of UV or sunlight.

Phosphorescent ink, which glow in the dark from re-emitting energy previously absorbed.

Thermochromic inks, change from colour to clear when subject to heat.

I R Blocking ink, a range of transparent colours which block I.R light allowing ATM machines to recognise transparent cards.

Bar Code blocking, obliterate the bar code preventing copying but allowing code to be read.