Conventional litho inks

1. Galaxy Process Ink

This product has been formulated for 4 and 6 colour presses, it is also well suited to single and two colour machines of various sizes from B1 to B3 and smaller. The precise and easy start-up to achieve colour balance is exceptional, with good colour strength and flow in the ducts together with excellent drying and rub resistance for a wide range of paper stocks.

2. Bio XGM Series

Our new generation of process inks manufactured from quality pigments and sourced from renewable raw materials make these inks the sensible choice for the environmentally aware printer. This range has excellent start-up properties, combined with good strength, setting and drying allowing for better transfer and cause minimal interruptions to work and turn. Also suitable for work that requires laser printing, laminating or foil blocking.

3. Quicksilver

Specially formulated for small offset and integrated damping systems giving excellent results with aluminium plates as well as paper and Silvermaster plates resulting in excellent press performance and a sharp clean print. Quicksilver is a hybrid type allowing drying by penetration and also oxidation when required. Various additives are available with this range.

4. Plastink- fully Oxidising Inks

A specially formulated, fully oxidising conventional ink that gives excellent adhesion to difficult materials such as plastics, acetates & foils. This series is available as a process set, base colours, special colour-matchings and metallic colours.

5. Galaxy “Hard Dry” Series

A specially designed process range of inks, specifically marketed for difficult papers and boards, giving a harder drying and more rub resistance film. This range of inks has excellent stacking properties, permitting quick turning and rapid print finishing, and all achieved without loss of lithographic properties benefited in our other ranges.

6. Aqulite Waterless & BIO Waterless Inks

In todays environmentally aware society, our “Aqualite” ranges of inks represent quality press stability whilst fulfilling the requirement for solvent-free printing inks. Both ranges are available as process set, base colours, special colour-matchings and metallic colours.

7. Vinylbond & Vinylbond Waterless

Vinylbond and Vinylbond waterless are oxidation type inks designed to perform perfectly in the production of laminable plastic cards as well as surface print only cards. These products give good adhesion to a wide variety of plastics and other impervious substrates, they are heat and light fast and have chemical resistance. Available in CYMK and a range of spot colours.

8. Sealers & Varnishes

We manufacture an extensive range of oil based varnishes. Neutral finish sealer varnishes, along with matt and gloss overprint varnishes. To compliment our BIO XGM process set, a BIO sealer has been developed thus allowing a totally environmental printing process. Our “Aqualite” waterless varnishes also compliment our entire waterless ink range providing top class finishes.


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